Phillip Ralph, Managing Director and Founder, The Leadership SpherePhillip Ralph, Managing Director and Founder
Being smart is only half the equation for building a successful organization,” says Phillip Ralph, Managing Director and Founder of The Leadership Sphere.

The other half of the equation, which is often neglected, is about the health of the organization and its teams. Leaders need to ensure that employees are engaged, turnover rates are low, and psychological safety remains a priority to create a people-friendly and productive working environment. The Leadership Sphere has observed that the overwhelming majority of organizations they have worked with favor the adoption of smarter solutions over working toward the healthier cultures that can achieve higher organizational performance.

We frequently have conversations with clients about the pathway to sustainable performance, and that a bias towards being smarter simply won’t get you there without an equal focus on creating a healthy organization through effective human-centered leadership. Just ‘getting smarter’, without getting healthier, is a race to the bottom of the performance pack

“We often have conversations with clients about smart processes versus healthy organizations, since people often think that the journey to high performance only involves being smarter, which is not the case,” says Ralph.

The Leadership Sphere operates on a partnership model and provides a strategic solution only after evaluating the customer’s needs and understanding the context of their market position and issues. Through this process, the organization examines mindsets and behaviourson a more holistic level. The Leadership Sphere implements its strategies in sets of three. The first trio deals with mindsets, behaviours, and systems. The interplay of these three factors aids in creating a better network analysis and fostering organizational development. Heads, hearts, and hands form the second trio. ‘Head’alludes to the business case or the intellectual entry points into organizational development. The ‘heart’ focuses on instilling trust in company leaders and helping them understand the value and potential of creating a healthy organizational culture. The process culminates with “hands” by applying the learning to roles in the organization.

The Leadership Sphere’s evidence-based approach and technology have helped them garner a large clientele by measuring behaviour and enabling data-driven designs and adjustments. In a recent project, it partnered with New Horizons, a company whose leaders needed a morale boost to lead their teams more effectively. Following a six-month leadership Program, New Horizons, saw a significant improvement in its ability to lead and deliver client outcomes.

Ashurst was another global law firm that aimed to improve its performance. With the Leadership Sphere, they achieved a fresh perspective on their leadership strategy and could explore better ways of building their culture to deliver practical and commercial solutions to their client’s challenges.
  • The Leadership Sphere operates on a partnership model and provides a strategic solution only after evaluating the customer’s needs and understanding the context of their market position and issues

The Leadership Sphere also offers sales and leadership training programs that have brought immense benefits to executive teams around the world. The company actively listens to clients’ needs and provides them with the consulting that suits their needs. Its certified Dare to LeadTM program has forged great leaders who have turned their organizations around and, consequently, improved their bottom line revenue. The Leadership Sphere defines success through client retention and builds long-term partnerships that have an average tenure of more than six years. The team has followed this ideology since their inception in 2007 and empowered leaders and employeesto perform at high efficiency and create a healthy organization.